Testing Services

Over 33 years of offering testing services means we have experience

dealing with different types of products in sampling, analysis and pre-conditioning if necessary.

We will ensure you get accurate results within 24-48 hours of submitting your sample.


Some of the tests we provide are:


Water Activity Testing 

Accurate testing performed in triplicate using ‘Meter 4TE’ water activity instrument.


Microbiological Testing

IANZ/ AOAC methodology yeast & mold, total aerobic counts and other micro testing as required using an approved lab.


Isotherm Analysis 

Full moisture release / absorption curves generated in 2 days (Product specific) using Meter Vapour Sorption Analyser (VSA).The VSA gives you DVS capability PLUS a new DDI mode that shows you the whole picture of how your product changes during adsorption and desorption. This enables us to help you solve problems like caking and clumping, matching the excipient to the API, and choosing correct packaging and more.


Gas Analysis  

Analysis of MAP packs [modified atmosphere packaging] using Ametek Mocon Dansensor CheckMate 3 gas analyser for Oxygen (O2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and show Nitrogen (N2) as balance.


MAP LAB (Modified Atmosphere Packaging Lab)

 We gas flush your samples at different gas levels to determine the best mix for optimal shelf life. Through our Shelf Life testing service we monitor your samples over time considering all properties that may result in end of shelf life through spoilage, colour change, odour, microbial growth, mold growth, bloating packages and more.


Packaging Transmission Rates

 Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR) and Water Vapour Transmission Rates (WVTR) on film or complete packs.


pH Testing

               Know how acidic or basic products in both liquid and solid / semi solid products.                  


Viscosity Testing

We use a variety of test capabilities with different accessories suited to high viscosity samples, low viscosity samples, samples with inclusions and samples that need to be analysed at specific temperatures.


Texture Analysis

We can perform different types of texture analysis including compression, extension, forward extrusion and backward extrusion. These enable us to determine hardness, softness, firmness, brittleness, crunchiness, surface tension, stickiness and more.


Leak Detection

Both Carbon dioxide (CO2) based trace gas systems and bubble leak water bath leak detection are offered. We can customise testing to a specific vacuum/ pressure level which is especially important for altitude simulation studies.


Years of providing testing services have seen us work on a wide variety of products, these include but not limited to:



Milk Powder, Infant Milk Formula, Protein Products, Cheese, Cheese Powders, Yogurt


Salami, Jerky, Biltong, Fresh Meat, Meat by Products

Pet Food:

Dry Meat Based, Biscuit / Flour Based, Wet in a can or pouch


Nuts, Muesli Bars, Extruded Snacks, Nut Bars, Potato Chips


Tortillas, Pita Bread, Gluten Free Breads and Products, Cupcakes, Bread, Pies, Pancakes, Flour, Flour Premixes,
Par-Baked Products, Frozen Doughs


Jams, Spreads, Peanut butter


Marinades, Mayonnaise, Vinaigrette, Soy


Juices, Fruit Juices, Flavoured Water/ Drinks, Syrups
Beer, Cider and Wine

Nutraceuticals / Supplements