Company Profile

Mätt Solutions Ltd, is a New Zealand owned and operated company

that offers instrumentation and services specific to analysis and improvement of shelf life.

Mätt Solutions have offer a comprehensive and trusted shelf life testing and verification service.


"Giving you confidence in your product"

Our shelf life analysis solution gives you a clear picture of your product's expected shelf life presented in an easy to understand format.

In addition to performing the shelf life analysis, we can advise on avenues of improvement to improve the product's shelf life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked about Shelf Life.



Q. Why do I need shelf life testing?

Shelf life testing helps you determine exactly how long the product can last on the shelf while still being safe to consume. Beyond the "food safety" aspect, manufacturers still need their products to remain appealing in terms of taste, smell, texture and colour to encourage consumers to buy them. Knowing the shelf life of your product can give you insight into what is possible in terms of product development to extend the shelf life and therefore market reach and subsequently profitability.



Q.  Are there any guidelines for performing an Accelerated Shelf Life Study?

Available guidelines primarily relate to pharmaceutical products (FDA) which some analysists apply to the Accelerated Shelf Life studies in food products. (only for microbiological aspects). Mätt Solutions formulate a test programme specific to each product.

As an indication, three (3) months in modified conditions is approximately one (1) year of product shelf life monitoring. Two years Accelerated Shelf Life study would be performed in six months.



Q. How long does an accelerated aging or shelf life test take?

The ultimate test duration is dependent on the product and your desired shelf life.

Our scientists use their experience and knowledge to formulate a testing programme with you, to suit your product.



Q. What is the difference between Best Before and Expiry Date?

The best before date is a guide that indicates until that date, the product is fully marketable and should hold its quality.

A best before date is a guarantee for freshness. After the best before date, your product will start to deteriorate in flavour, colour and texture, but should not make you sick if you eat it after the given date. An expiry date is a date after which a product is no longer acceptable for consumption.



Q. How can I determine the exact expiration date for my food product?

The best approach is to test the product in "real" conditions to determine how long it will last. It is important to test the microbiological properties in a certified lab that follows approved methodology to ensure and conform to food safety guidelines (by MPI for example but the sensory aspects should not be ignored. The real-time approach can be lengthy and hence the accelerated study approach is often chosen. Both are services that Mätt Solutions offer comprehensively with a detailed report at the end of the Shelf Life Trial.