Mätt Solutions are pleased to offer a complete shelf life testing and verification solution.


Our team of food scientists and technologists have over 50 years of experience in shelf life (Shelf Stability) related studies working with a wide variety of products ranging from Dairy, Bakery, Dry Products, Pastes, Powders, Nutraceuticals, Supplements, and much more.

The shelf life of a food product is a key parameter that impacts on processing, distribution, stock management practices and economics. In many cases it is also a legal labeling requirement to state the 'Use By' or ‘Best Before’ date of your product. A product’s shelf life should ideally be defined as the time until a product becomes unacceptable to consumers.

Unfortunately, in many cases, it is only considered as the point at which microbial growth develops above the level prescribed under the microbial standards or becomes unsafe for human consumption. This is often inaccurate as the "end" of shelf life varies with each product. This can depend on the colour change, sensory (taste) changes, growth of mold, change in texture, caking or clumping, rancidity and more.

At Mätt Solutions, we look at the product's "complete picture", considering all it’s aspects to determine when and what ends it's shelf life. Packaging provides protection from extremes in temperature, humidity and oxygen all of which would reduce shelf life if not controlled. To perform an accurate shelf life test, it is imperative to expose the product to different conditions to know when and why it fails.

Mätt Solutions have a wide selection of chambers and simulation set-ups to test these extremes and help determine the shelf life and durability of products.

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